Teewinot Climb (09/07/13)

My brother Matt, Steven and I decided to climb Teewinot (A “Teton Cathedral Peak” in Grand Teton National Park) as a warmup for Jackson Hole Bible College’s backpacking trip that we would lead the next week. It was certainly a warmup, and much more! A great decision to whip us into shape.

We started quite early, and it took us about 10 hours total from the trail parking lot and back. We only got lost a couple times, and went the wrong way a few more times… but that only meant harder climbing! Here’s some video I took along the hike with my GoPro camera:
And here are my photos from the top:
Little spire below Teewinot Peak, looking Southeast

My hiking comrades

Steven lookin’ ’round

Great view of Cascade Canyon, with Lake Solitude at the end.

Steven straddling the peak. 🙂

Looking down at Jenny Lake.

Grand Teton (left) and Mount Owen (right). Teton glacier at bottom left.

Panorama showing Grand Teton, Mt. Owen and Cascade Canyon (from left to right).

The Grand Teton and Teton Glacier

B&W version of the Grand and Owen

The Grand

Panorama of my view from Teewinot’s peak.

Cascade Canyon

Top of the Grand, a few people at the peak.

Jackson Lake

Panorama of view towards Jackson Lake.

Hiking comrades

Me with Grand and Owen in background.
Another peak to add to the hiking adventures!

God bless!

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  1. Wow, Derek! These are awesome! I'm impressed with the climb and the photography. God has surely blessed you with this talent. 🙂 DiAnn Miller

  2. Thanks! He has indeed! All glory to Him, my Creator! 🙂

  3. Incredible doesn't even come close. Great job, Derrick! Way to use your talents to bring glory to our -Creator! Love and miss you! -"Mom"

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