Aurora Borealis Timelapse

I don’t know if you all have heard, but a solar flare increased the power of the northern lights to show up farther south than usual on Saturday and Sunday this week. I was excited at the possibility of seeing them here in Wyoming, but alas: complete cloud cover on Saturday night! Sunday night wasn’t looking much more promising.

But I decided to go with Josh and Leah to try and see them from atop a nearby butte. We didn’t see anything. I decided to let my camera go with long exposures (30 seconds) at high sensitivity (ISO 3200) anyway, in a time-lapse fashion. When I looked at my camera’s review screen I was amazed. I was actually capturing the purple and green glows from the northern lights!!! Even though our eyes couldn’t see it, my camera at high sensitivity was pulling it in! I was excited. We were up there maybe 40 minutes or so, and decided to head back. I thought I had enough photos. Well… turns out I only got 64, which turned into a 2 second time-lapse video.

I’m really kicking myself now for two reasons:
1. I could have gone to a much better viewpoint with the Tetons.
2. I should have stayed out pretty much all night. 🙂

Oh well! Lessons learned!! Here is my short bitter-sweet video:

You can see a bit of the typical light “dancing” in a couple spots if you look hard. The video should be converted to HD soon so you can see it better.

God’s creation is awesome isn’t it!? I’ll definitely be on the watch for more light shows! 🙂

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  1. That is a neat video! I really like the stars against the purple and green. Neat idea to take a video of it! Thanks for sharing it with us who aren't able to experience it for ourselves.

  2. Thanks and my pleasure! Unfortunately only the camera could experience it, but it was fun looking at the results later!

  3. So I just looked at this now and it is soooooooooooooo SO SO SOOOOOOO SO SO SO cool. Like a lot of coolness. God is super great! WOW.

    And I agree with you…(I know surprise surprise)…you shoulda stayed out longer 😉

  4. lol, I'm not sure how to take this… you actually agree with me? I'm going to be in shock for a week! But so true, I should have stayed out all night!

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