Time Lapse #2

Hi all, here’s just a quick post to share my second experiment with time lapse photography. I fixed a few problems with lighting and timing and battery life, so I ended up with over 5 minutes of final video time!

This time I set it up on JHBC campus, looking towards the bunkhouse and classroom. Some pretty sweet clouds, and lots of people action this time! Campus Crusaders are here for a month, so you see them playing some games. Ian Landis is also featured golfing solo in the yard! 🙂

Stafford, Steven and I also try getting in some shots here and there, but unfortunately it came out to be super quick, so you’ll have to tell me if you notice where we are in the video (and what we’re doing)! 🙂

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. So far, I have noticed Josh at 20 sec., Stephen carrying you at 33 sec., You carrying Stephen at 34 sec., Josh again at 2min. 11 sec., Cayman doing a couple of quick side looks, Josh at 3 min.,and maybe someone form the Crusaders group at 4 min. 26 sec. Very neat to watch. Noticed the wind (oh Wyoming 🙂 ). What were the black spots that came up sometimes? Pretty neat that you can do this.

  2. Very good! I think you only missed Stephen and I skipping across the frame, but it'd be incredibly hard to find since it's probably just one frame. I think the black spots would probably be birds. 🙂

  3. That was awesome! I only caught you guys a couple of times, and that was mostly just the closeups. I really liked the part when CC was playing kick-ball. THAT part was super col. 🙂

  4. Yeah I liked that part and the part with Ian golfing back and forth. 🙂

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