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Final Summer Update

It's about time I share about the last few weeks of my summer. I've been holding off because I wasn't ready to share details about my future plans. More on that at the end of this post.

The last week at Kingdom Air Corps was my time to pull together a new promo video for them with all the videos I'd captured this summer. I was able to finish the video right before I left, so I could show Dwayne the finished product. He loved it! Here it is below:

On August 14, I flew to Moscow from Anchorage through Iceland and Norway. Crazy route, eh!? It actually was only around 11 hours travel time, not bad!

My parents met me there and we drove to their home in the village. It was neat to finally see first-hand where they've been serving since I left the field in 2010. I was able to help them with lots of projects on the apartment extension for their teammates and just around their property. Here are some pictures to prove I did some work :)

My two weeks in Russia were a great c…

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